of Our Lady

of the Victory

Entrust a soul.

Every month
a Holy Mass
in its suffrage.

Online enrolment
to the Perpetual Mass Book.


You can entrust someone who is alive – even yourself – or someone who is dead.


Every month a Holy Mass is celebrated in suffrage for the entrusted souls.


At the Shrine of Our Lady of Victory (Nostra Signora della Vittoria), in Genoa, Italy.


At the request of priests and of the faithful, the Diocese of Genoa has issued a document which declares that every month a Holy Mass in suffrage of the entrusted souls is celebrated at the Marian Shrine.


You can enrol and make an offering – once, forever – by filling a card at the Shrine or by using the online form below.


Holy Mass will be celebrated every first Sunday of the month at 11am.

How long for?


Fill in the required information.

The entrustment is nominal (it is necessary to provide name and surname of the entrusted person) and individual (it is not possible to entrust whole families or a parish).

The recommended offer is € 20,00 for every entrusted soul.

The enrolment and the offer are made once and for all.

The name and surname of the entrusted souls are written in the Perpetual Mass Book, which is kept at the Shrine.

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Name and surname of the entrusted person.


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THE VALUE AND EFFECTIVENESS OF THE HOLY MASS. The whole liturgy of the Church finds its center and its most dense expression in the celebration of the Holy Mass. In the Holy Mass we have the culmination of the action with which God sanctifies the world in Christ and the culmination of the worship that men render to Christ and for him to the Father in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Mass actualizes the one sacrifice of Christ the Savior and also includes the offering of the Church; it is a sacrifice of praise, a spiritual sacrifice, a pure and holy sacrifice, since it brings to fulfillment and surpasses all the sacrifices of the Old Covenant. By celebrating the Holy Mass, we already join the liturgy of heaven and anticipate eternal life, when God will be all in all. All the sacraments, all the ecclesiastical ministries and the works of the apostolate are closely united to it and are ordered to it. (Catechism of the Catholic Church, Vatican City, 1992).

The Sanctuary has established the devotion of Perpetual Masses in the wake of the Sanctuary of Notre Dame de Montligeon (France), a world center of prayer for the dead, and of many other sanctuaries and realities in Italy and around the world that offer the possibility of entrusting and remotely share intentions of prayer, even perpetual and of intercession (as for a deceased loved one, for the healing of the sick, for young people) or to have single, Gregorian Masses (a Mass per day for 30 consecutive days) or perpetual The Vatican City also offers the possibility to send and share one’s prayer intentions online. These are just some examples that can be useful to those who do not know who to contact to have a Perpetual or Gregorian Mass celebrated at a distance, or to send intentions and requests for urgent prayers, even confidential and anonymously.


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